10 Things to Know Before Playing Miles Morales: Spider-Man on PS4

Developer Insomniac Games will continue the Spider-Man story with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After gaining his spider abilities during the 2018 game, Miles Morales gets his own story in this new title for PS4 and PS5.
There are new characters and new concepts in the new game; here are ten key facts to know before starting the game.

1. The Gang War Between Roxxon and the Underground
Miles will find himself in the middle of a violent conflict in Harlem, all while supporting her mother's political campaign for City Council. Marvel devotees may recognize Roxxon Energy Corporation as one of the main factions, having appeared in comics, television, and films before. They are at war with the Underground, a high-tech criminal army. Neither side is particularly good, but Miles will have to figure out how to resolve this battle without significant casualties.

2. Tinkerer Leads the Underground
Leading the Underground is the somewhat familiar character of the Tinkerer. However, this iteration is quite different from what Spider-Man fans are used to. Usually, the Tinkerer is depicted as a middle-aged or elderly man employed by another Spider-Man villain to create gadgets and weapons in their fight against the web-slinger. This time around, the Tinkerer is a young woman, a masked figure with her own vendetta, and battling it out on the field herself. Players will have to see how this new Tinkerer develops throughout the story.

3. Miles Morales Has a Venom Strike and Invisibility
Miles Morales has a lot of the same web-shooting, swinging, and sticking abilities that Peter Parker famously has. However, Miles has some unique tricks up his sleeves from the comic book lore. In the Miles Morales game, players will also be able to unleash an electric venom strike—additionally, Miles has an element of stealth with invisibility powers. Insomniac's take on Spider-Man has always been focused heavily on combos and skill trees, so expect these two abilities to evolve as you progress through the game.

4. Rhino and Prowler Feature in the Game
The Tinkerer isn't the only villain that Miles Morales will face. The Rhino featured in the 2018 game, and he's back and more dangerous than ever in this follow-up. Armed with a massive suit of armor, Rhino is a nearly unstoppable force. However, Peter Parker will be there to give Miles an assist. Additionally, Prowler will also face off against Miles. The character is a staple of Miles's story, and previous iterations of the Prowler, including in Into the Spider-Verse, have turned out to be Aaron Davis, Miles's uncle. Whether that is still the case in this version has yet to be determined.

5. Acquire New Suits—Including One with Spider-Cat
The 2018 Spider-Man game featured a number of different suits and costumes for Peter Parker, with almost all of them originating from different sources. These suits represented different comic book storylines, television shows, and movies, giving players a sense of nostalgia. Miles Morales may have a shorter history to draw from, but rest assured that he will receive his own fun costumes as well. One suit is based on his hooded suit from the Into the Spider-Verse film, for example. Another one includes a backpack that contains your buddy Spider-Cat, who as you can figure, is a bodega cat dressed like Spider-Man—the cat will even assist you in combat finishers.

6. Take Over Enemy Bases
The original 2018 game had Peter Parker swinging around New York City and taking out enemy strongholds under criminal control. In Miles Morales, players will have to do the same thing with this game's own factions. This time around, you'll be fighting in Underground Hideouts and Roxxon Labs, presumably to slow down whatever nefarious deeds both of these groups might be up to. Prepare to fight waves of seemingly non-stop enemies.

7. Find Collectibles Throughout Harlem
One of the joys of the 2018 Spider-Man game was finding all of Peter Parker's old backpacks spread throughout New York City. Upon opening one, Peter would reminisce about whatever artifact or item was inside—this was one way that the game would build Peter Parker's history and make references to past pieces of Spider-Man fiction. Miles Morales will have his own collectibles too—his game will have Postcards and Time Capsules for you to find in the open world. Be sure to check every nook and cranny.

8. Miles Morales Takes Advantage of the PS5
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is launching the same day as Sony's new PlayStation 5, so this title will demonstrate that console's horsepower. With the system's SSD, load times will be significantly faster than on PlayStation 4, and swinging through New York City should be faster as well thanks to the game loading quicker. The PS5 version of Miles Morales will also take advantage of a number of graphical effects, most noticeably ray tracing. With realistic and dynamic lighting effects, Spider-Man won't look any better than he will on the PlayStation 5. Miles Morales will also make use of the DualSense controller, with subtle haptic feedback the adaptive triggers adding immersion to the experience of swinging around.

9. Buying the Game on PS4 Also Gets You the PS5 Version
Many consumers may not be prepared to purchase the PlayStation 5 on day one for one reason or another. But PS4 owners who aren't ready to upgrade need not fret—buying Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS4 will also get you a free upgrade for the PS5 at no additional cost. While the PS4 version does not have the same graphical and audio updates as the PS5 version, rest assured that you can still play the same core game on your own console. Best of all, once you are ready to make the jump from PS4 to PS5, your save progress will carry over.

10. Will Peter Parker Appear?
In both the comic book lore and Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales took up the Spider-Man mantle after the death of Peter Parker. So do Spider-Man fans have anything to worry about for the PlayStation version of Peter Parker? Luckily, Peter is alive and well. The story will have Peter Parker abroad with MJ to cover a story for the Daily Bugle, so Miles will have to keep watch of the city while they're away. Of course, Peter will jump in from time to time, as we know that he'll help Miles in the fight against Rhino. But as the title implies, this story is all about Miles Morales—it's his turn in the spotlight.


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