Double Down Casino Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs

DoubleDown Casino, often written as Double Down Casino by players, is an incredibly popular free-to-play video game that’s available on iOS and Android devices in addition to the web and on Facebook.

In DoubleDown Casino, players are given the chance to play a large number of virtual slot machines with a limited number of chips, which are provided for free. Once the coins are used up, the player needs to either buy more with real-world money or seek out some Double Down free chips.

Unfortunately, Double Down Casino cheat codes for free coins don't exist. However, there are numerous ways to get free coins both within the official apps and online.

What Happened to Double Down Codes?
Older versions of the DoubleDown Casino game used to use DoubleDown Casino codes, or DDC codes, which could be entered into the game to unlock free chips. These Double Down Casino chip codes would usually feature a combination of words and numbers such as BONANZA12 and GOLDDUST12, or could incorporate completely random characters like AVRKGH and LLCFTR.

Important: Never buy Double Down codes from people online. Not only will these codes not work, but you may be scammed out of real money and your private information.

While these codes can still be found online, this method for redeeming or claiming free chips has been completely phased out in new versions of DoubleDown Casino, meaning such DoubleDown cheats are now completely worthless.

How to Get Double Down Casino Free Chips
Double Down Casino codes for chips may have been phased out, but there are still a lot of legitimate ways to get free chips for your virtual gambling.

Here are the best confirmed ways to get chips for playing Double Down Casino free slots on your smart device or computer.

  1. Like the DoubleDown Casino Facebook page. The official DoubleDown Casino Facebook page gives away free chips several times a day. All you need to do is click a link in one of their posts and the chips will be immediately sent to your game.
    Important: Make sure you like the official DoubleDown Casino Facebook page with the blue checkmark next to its name. Watch out for fake or scam Facebook pages.
  2. Follow DoubleDown Casino on Twitter. Like the Facebook page, the official Twitter account also shares free coins in the form of links that can be clicked.
    Important: Always make sure the account you’re interacting with is verified on Twitter.
  3. Follow DoubleDown Casino on Instagram. The official DoubleDown Casino Instagram account often posts links for claiming free chips.
    Note: The Instagram posts won’t have the links. Instead, click the link on the account’s profile page. It will change throughout the week to feature a new link that can be used.
  4. Check out the DoubleDown Casino Pinterest account. The official DoubleDown Casino Pinterest account posts images which link to free chip links.
    Tip: Due to your Pinterest feed not showing posts in chronological order, you may miss many of their posts even if you follow them. To view their most-recent posts, check the DoubleDown Casino Pinterest account’s profile page and bookmark it.
  5. Enter in-app challenges and events. DoubleDown Casino frequently holds special events that reward select players with literally millions of free coins. These are usually promoted within the game and on the official social media channels so keep an eye open.

  6. Log in and play every day. DD Casino rewards all players with free games and chips every single day.

  7. Invite friends. Having friends download and play the game can reward you with up to one million free chips.
    Important: Make sure you invite friends from within the game by tapping the mailbox icon, then the icon with two people and a plus sign on it. Telling them verbally won’t earn you anything.
  8. Get friends to send you gifts. Once you have friends playing DoubleDown Casino with you, ask them to send you gifts from within the game via the mailbox feature.
  9. Level up your Diamond Club ranking. The Diamond Club is the DoubleDown Casino levelling system. New players begin at White level and can move all of the way up to Royal simply by playing the game a lot. Higher rankings allow you to earn more free coins, unlock better offers, and open more gifts from friends.
  10. Turn on notifications. One of the easiest ways to earn free coins in DoubleDown Casino is to simply leave your notifications on if you have the app installed on your Android or iOS device. Once enabled, notifications will appear throughout the day offering you free chips. All you need to do is tap on the alert.
Double Down Free Chips Scams to Watch out For
There are a massive number of online scams that promise to give you Double Down Casino codes for free chips. Usually these take the form of fake websites or impostor social media accounts that may look legitimate, but are in fact platforms for stealing your personal and financial information via a fake DoubleDown codeshare program.

Important: Despite being scams, many of these fake websites often rank high in search engines. A high Google or Bing ranking does not always mean a website is safe or legitimate.

Some of these scammers may try to get you to sign up for a free email newsletter or account membership while others will pressure you into logging into their site with your Facebook account. The former will be used to steal your information and promote further scams to you while the latter is a trick to gain access to your Facebook account.

Be careful and only try to get free DoubleDown Casino chips from the official website and social media accounts. is the leading source of practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Happiness, Productivity, Relationships, and more.


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