Fallout 3 Cheats for PC: All Perk Codes

There are hundreds of cheats for Fallout 3 on PC. For example, with the player.addperk cheat, you can activate all Fallout 3 perks provided you know the proper perk codes.

Note: These cheats apply exclusively to the PC version of Fallout 3.

How to Enter Fallout 3 Perk Cheats
Press the tilde key (~) to display the cheat console, then type player.addperk followed by the perk code and press Enter. For example, to activate the Black Widow perk, enter:
player.addperk 00094EB8

Note: There are also item codes for Fallout 3 that you can use with the player.additem cheat to get any item when you need it.

Perk Codes for Fallout 3
Use these codes with the player.addperk cheat:

PerkID CodeEffect
Adamantium Skeleton00094EC4Damage to limbs reduced by 50%
Action Boy00031DBA+25 action points
Action Girl0007B202+25 action points
Animal Friend00031DB5Animals become friendly
Better Criticals00031DBB+50% damage with critical hits
Black Widow00094EB8+10% damage to the opposite sex
Bloody Mess00094EBA+5% overall damage, more violent deaths
Cannibal00094EBCEat corpses to restore 25 HP and lose 1 Karma
Chemist0009982DDouble chem effect duration
Chem Resistant00099827Halve chances of getting addicted
Child at Heart00003142Unlock dialogue options with children
Commando00099828+25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with two-handed weapons
Comprehension00031DE1+1 skill point when you read a skill book
Computer Wiz00031DC4Get four extra chances to hack a locked down terminal
Concentrated Fire00044CAF+5% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with every attack queued
Contract Killer00044CA8Sell ears to Daniel Littlehorn
Cyborg00044CAB+10 energy weapons, +10% to radiation resistance, poison resistance, and damage resistance
Daddy's Boy00044948+5 Science, +5 Medicine
Daddy's Girl00069310+5 Science, +5 Medicine
Demolition Expert00031DAB+20% damage with explosives
Dream Crusher00030FEBReduce enemy chance of critical hits by 50%, 30% discount at Craterside Supply, +30 points to Moira's Repair skill
Educated00031DD8+3 skill points per level
Explorer00031DE5Mark all locations on the map
Entomologist00031DD9+50% damage to insects
Fast Metabolism00094EBF+20% HP restored with stimpaks
Finesse00094EC1+5% chance of critical hit
Fortune Finder00031DE3Find more bottle caps
Grim Reaper Spirit00099834V.A.T.S. kills restore AP
Gun Nut0004494E+5 Small Guns, +5 Repair
Gunslinger00094EBB+25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with one-handed weapons
Hematophage00003131Blood packs restore 20 HP
Here and Now00031DACInstantly level up
Impartial Mediation00044CAD+30 Speech with neutral Karma
Infiltrator00044CB0Pick broken locks with extra bobby pins
Intense Training00044CB1+1 to any special stat
Iron Fist00031DDB+5 unarmed damage
Lady Killer00094EB9+10% damage to the opposite sex
Law Bringer00044CACSell fingers to Sonora Cruz
Lead Belly00044CA9-50% radiation from drinking water
Light Step00031DB7Disable floor traps and mines
Life Giver00031DB1+30 HP
Little Leaguer00014B97+5 damage with melee weapons and explosives
Master Trader00031DB8Reduce item prices 25%
Mister Sandman00031DADInstantly kill sleeping NPCs and earn bonus XP
Mysterious Stranger00031DBCChance of instant kills with the Stranger in V.A.T.S.
Nerd Rage00044CA7+50% DR and +10 strength when HP is < 20%
Night Person00094EBD+2 Intelligence and Perception between 6 P.M.-6 A.M.
Ninja00031DCC+15% chance of critical damage with melee and unarmed weapons, +25% damage with sneak attack critical hits
Paralyzing Palm00044CAA+30% chance of paralyzing enemies with unarmed attacks in V.A.T.S.
Power Armor Training00058FDFWear any power armor
PyroManiac00031DB2+50% damage with fire-based weapons
Rad Resistance00031DA9+25% radiation resistance
Robotics Expert00031DC2+25% damage to robots, shut down robots by sneaking up on them
Scoundrel00044CA6+5 Speech, +5 Barter
Scrounger00031DAAFind more ammunition in containers
Silent Running00031DB3+10 Sneak, speed and armor weight don't affect sneaking
Size Matters0009982E+15 Big Guns
Sniper00031DB4+25% damage from head shots in V.A.T.S.
Solar Powered00031DC5+2 Strength, +1 HP regenerates while outside from 6 A.M.-6 P.M.
Strong Back00031DDE+50 Carry Weight
Swift Learner00031DD3+10% XP gained
Tag00031DBD+15 points to tag skill
Thief00031DD6+5 Lockpick, +5 Sneak
Toughness00031DE0+10% DR
Well Rested00061822+10% XP for 8 in-game hours, +2 to Endurance and Agility in Survival mode

Quest Perk Codes for Fallout 3
These perks are normally obtained by completing quests:

PerkID CodeEffect
Ant Sight000C1A6C+1 PE, +25% fire resistance
Ant Might000C1A6B+1 ST, +25% fire resistance
Barkskin00035E04+5 DR
Rad Regeneration0003066BCrippled limbs regenerate
Wired Reflexes00024D5C+10% accuracy in V.A.T.S.

Add-on Perk Codes for Fallout 3
Some perks are only available with certain DLC expansions. When entering these codes, replace xx with the base ID of the add-on. To find the base ID, open the command console and click on a character from the DLC. The base ID is the first two numbers in the character ID displayed at the top of the screen.

PerkID CodeAdd-onEffect
Deep Sleepxx003213Broken SteelSleeping in any bed gives the Well Rested effect
Puppies!xx003211Broken SteelA puppy spawns outside of Vault 101 if Dogmeat dies
Quantum Chemistxx004c71Broken SteelEvery 10 Nuka-Colas you collect become Nuka-Cola Quantum
Devil's Highwayxx004c6dBroken SteelSet Karma to very evil
Escalator to Heavenxx004c6fBroken SteelSet Karma to very good
Karmic Rebalancexx004c6eBroken SteelSet Karma to nuetral
No Weaknessesxx00108eBroken SteelRaise all special stats to 5
Rad Tolerancexx0011c1Broken SteelNo effects from minor radiation poisoning
Warmongerxx0011beBroken SteelGet all schematics at V3
Nerves of Steelxx0011c2Broken SteelUnlock all level 3 weapon schematics
Party Boyxx0011bfBroken SteelNo chance of alcohol addiction
Party Girlxx0011c0Broken SteelNo chance of alcohol addiction
Rad Absorptionxx0011bdBroken Steel-1 rad every 20 seconds
Nuclear Anomalyxx004c6cBroken SteelCause a nuclear explosion when your HP is < 20%
Almost Perfectxx004c6bBroken SteelRaise all special stats to 9
Covert Opsxx00bf70Operation: Anchorage+3 Science, Small Guns and Lockpick
Auto Axpertxx0073e8The Pitt+25% extra damage with the auto axe
Booster Shotxx007354The Pitt+10% radiation resistance
Pitt Fighterxx0073eaThe Pitt+3% radiation resistance and damage resistance
Ghoul Ecologyxx00d1fePoint Lookout+5 damage against ghouls
Punga Power!xx011097Point Lookout-10 rad from wild punga fruit and -15 rad from refined punga fruit
Superior Defenderxx00d1faPoint Lookout+5 damage and +10 DR while standing still
Xenotech Expertxx00abb0Mothership ZetaSpawn random enemies in shooting range