Just Cause 3 Cheats, Cheat Codes, and Walkthroughs

When justice is on your side, it's OK to bend the rules. Don't feel bad about relying on these Just Cause 3 cheats for Xbox One and PC.

Teleportation Cheat Codes for Just Cause 3
If you travel to N 40 42.235 / E 5 35.125 in north Porto Darsena, you'll discover a missile silo and some switches nearby. From here, you can activate wormholes to similar terminals around the world. Flip the switches in the following order to warp to the specified location from any of these terminals (switches are labeled 1-4 from left the right):

  • Costa Sud: 1-4-3-4-2-1
  • Feno: 2-3-3-2-2-3
  • Trio: 2-1-4-1-2-4


Where to Find Beacons
You can typically find rebel drop beacons in liberated areas and near garages. Their locations on the map are marked by a download icon.

How to Get the Monster Truck in Just Cause 3
Complete all daredevil jumps in Insula Striate to unlock the monster truck in the rebel drop menu. You can also obtain one from the Incendiario Blast challenge; just quit the challenge before you explode.

Mile High Club Blimp
At N 40 48.982 / E 5 36.629 in Maestrale you can gaze upon the wreckage of the Mile High Club blimp from Just Cause 2.

Thor's Hammer
Travel to N 40 48.566 / E 5 40.859 in Grande Pastura to find Thor's hammer. You can't pick it up; it's just for show.

Soap Box Car
If you disable the airstrike FOW during act 1, you can find "The Rocket" soap box car at N 40 41.756 / E 5 43.986 in Insula Fonte.

Final Fantasy VII Reference
At N 40 48.277 / E 5 43.363 in Insula Striate, you can see Cloud's Buster Sword impaled into a rock. Sadly, you can't pick it up.

Just Cause 3 Unlockables

Assault ChopperComplete the main campaign or find all 70 Di Ravello tapes.
Capstone Hydra Rocket LauncherLiberate Cava Grenade in Prospere.
CS Baltdjur Military CarLiberate Cima Leon Silos in Lacos.
CS Navajo HelicopterLiberate Puncta Sud in Petra.
CS Negotiator Grenade LauncherLiberate Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco.
CS Odjur TankLiberate Alte Potentia in Grande Pastura.
CS-110 Archangel Sniper RifleLiberate Espia Alta in Capite Est.
CS-4 Peacebringer Dual Wield ExoticCollect all vintage parts in Insula Dracon.
CS7 Thunderhawk PlaneLiberate Griphon in Costa Sud.
Geschwind Off-Road VehicleComplete all daredevil jumps in Insula Forte.
Custom Kletter 300 Off-Road VehicleComplete all daredevil jumps in Insula Dracon.
Fast TravelFind and activate all rebel shrines.
Fire Leech Rocket LauncherLiberate Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda.
Handheld Mortar WeaponFind and activate all ancient tombs.
Imperator Bavarium TankLiberate Cava Montana.
Incendario Monster Truck Off-Road VehicleComplete all daredevil jumps in Insula Striate.
Noir ModeFind all of the vintage parts.
Cavouk U-15 MotorcycleLiberate Cava Grande Secunde in Prospere.
Stria Facocero Military CarLiberate Porto Le Gratia in Lavanda.
U-24 Shotgun Bully Dual Wield ExoticCollect all vintage parts in Insula Fonte.
U-7 Dravec PlaneLiberate Vulture in Maestrale.
U41 Ptakojester PlaneLiberate Falco Maxime: Centcom
UPU-210 Grenade LauncherLiberate Espia Bassa in Petra.
Urga Fura 570 Military CarLiberate Cava Geminos Est in Rocca Blauda.
Urga Hroch Sea VehicleLiberate Corda Dracon: Centcom.
Urga Ogar 7 V8 Military CarLiberate Le Tutor in Nord Siroccos.
Urga Szturm 63A Military CarLiberate Cava Geminos in Sud Rocca Blauda.
USV-45 Sokol Sniper RifleLiberate Vigilator Nord in Plague.
UVK-13 Rocket LauncherLiberate Vigilator in Sud Sirocco.
Doge ModeFind the puppy located at N 40 43.371 / E 5 37.057 Insula Dracon.
DK Pistol (Big Head Gun)Scale a small pink building located at N 40 42.592 / E 5 35.105 in Insula Dracon and climb onto the adjacent rock face.
Pogo StickFind atop a skyscraper in Citate Di Ravellos at N 40 44.316 / E 5 38.710.

Just Cause 3 Trophy Guide
...Without Bullets!Destroy all chaos objects in a military base without using any weapons or explosives.
(Just) Causin' ChaosObtain 1,000 chaos.
A Real Gear-GetterEarn at least 3 gears in one challenge of each type.
Anything You Can Do...Beat a score you were called-out on.
Baker's DozenLiberate 13 settlements.
Bragging RightsBeat another player's score in a challenge.
Can't Touch ThisCall out another player in a feat.
Caught 'Em All!Bring every vehicle to Mario's Rebel Garages.
Chaos Is My Middle NameObtain 100,000 chaos.
Chaos MillionaireObtain 1,000,000 chaos.
Consummate DaredevilLaunch a land vehicle from every daredevil jump in Medici.
Diary of the MadmanCollect every Di Ravello's tape.
Earth, Wind and SeaUnlock rebel drops for at least one land, air and sea vehicle.
Enjoy Your HomecomingComplete the "Welcome Home" story mission.
F!#& You Missile!Complete the "Missile Cowboy" story mission.
Feat FetishPerform every feat.
Finally on the OffensiveComplete "Tangled Up In Blue" story mission.
First EncounterComplete any encounter.
Forgive Me, Father...Clear heat level 5 by seeking shelter in a monastery.
Getting it in GearEarn at least 3 gears in any challenge.
Heart of StoneLiberate all of Insula Striate.
Hope Springs EternalLiberate all of Insula Fonte.
King of MediciEarn every other trophy.
Mistakes and TriumphsComplete "The Shatterer of Worlds" story mission.
MOD InitiateUnlock your first gear MOD and activate it.
MOD SpecialistUnlock all gear MODs in a category.
MOD TinkererActivate every gear MOD for at least one minute.
Adeo, amico! My Little Rocket ManTether any enemy to a gas canister as it's launched.
No Stone UnturnedLocate every collectible in Medici.
Old School CoolLocate all vintage weapons and vehicle parts.
Remember the FallenLight a candle in every rebel shrine.
Son of MediciComplete "Son of Medici" story mission.
Supply and DemandComplete encounters to unlock 10 resupply points.
Take That, You Pipeline JerksDisable the FOW in Insula Fonte.
Taming the DraconLiberate all of Insula Dracon.
The Power of BavariumComplete "A Long and Dangerous Road" story mission.
These Mines are the PitsComplete "The Great Escape" story mission.
This was Supposed to be a WesternDestroy every chaos object in a base without exiting your vehicle.
Three Holy HideawaysComplete encounters touUnlock 3 heat-clearing priests.
Tomb RaiderVisit every ancient tomb.
Top of the WorldVisit the highest point of Medici at N 40 48.085, E 5 43.220.
Unlocked and Fully /LoadedUnlock all weapons and vehicles in the rebel drop menu.
Vive Le RevolutionLiberate any entire province.
What a DisasterComplete "A Terrible Reaction" story mission.
Winner Takes All, AgainAchieve 100 percent completion.
You're Outta Here!Send an enemy flying with a booster explosive.
You've Got GearEarn 5 gears in any challenge.

Invincibility in Just Cause 3 and God Mode
You can further enhance your character's capabilities with hundreds of user-created mods. Justcause3mods.com is a trusted source for mods that grant you invincibility and other god-like powers. The website also includes information about how to install mods for Just Cause 3.

Note: You can only use mods with the PC version of Just Cause 3. Be careful when downloading mods from the web.

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