Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats for PS4 and Xbox One

Rockstar Games' 2018 action-adventure video game Red Dead Redemption 2 lets players roam the 1899 American West as outlaw Arthur Morgan. There are no rules in the Wild West, so it's no surprise the game has cheat codes to increase your health, stamina, and Deadeye level. If you want to unlock all outfits, there's a code for that, too. We show you how to unlock all of it.

Note: These cheats apply to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to Unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats
Here's how to input cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2 on both the Xbox One and PS4:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Press Triangle on the PlayStation 4 controller or Y on the Xbox One controller to access the cheat menu.
  4. Input one of the cheat codes below.
  5. The cheat is now unlocked, and you can turn it on or off from the cheat menu.
    Note: You don't have to input the code each time you play as long as you save the game after enabling the cheat.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes for PS4 and Xbox One
Some cheats cannot be unlocked until you purchase certain newspapers in the game world. You must have the newspaper in your inventory when you enter the corresponding code.

Important: Toggling on any of the following cheats disables game saves and achievements, so save your progress before using a cheat.

Infinite ammoAbundance is the dullest desirePurchase the New Hanover Gazette No. 27 newspaper in Valentine during Chapter 1.
Infinite DeadeyeBe greedy only for foresightNone
Infinite staminaThe lucky be strong evermorePurchase the Blackwater Ledger No. 68 newspaper in West Elizabeth during Chapter 5.
Heavy weapons (Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, and Semi-Automatic Pistol)Greed is American VirtuePurchase a Lamoyne newspaper after completing the Advertising, The New American Art mission in Chapter 3.
Basic weaponsA simple life, a beautiful deathNone
Stealth weapons (Machete, Knives, Tomahawks, and Homing Tomahawks)Death is silenceNone
Fortify health, stamina, and DeadeyeYou Seek More Than The World OffersPurchase the New Hanover Gazette No. 36 newspaper in Chapter 6.
Full health, stamina, and DeadeyeYou flourish before you dieNone
Get $500Greed is now a virtueNone
Unlock all camp upgradesShareNone
Unlock all outfitsVanity. All is vanityNone
Unlock all recipesEat of KnowledgeNone
Reveal entire mapYou Long for Sight but See NothingPurchase a Lamoyne newspaper after completing the Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern mission in Chapter 3.
High honorVirtue Unearned is not virtuePurchase the Blackwater Ledger No. 67 newspaper in West Elizabeth in Chapter 4.
Reset honor balanceAll is balanceNone
Increase wanted levelYou want punishmentNone
Decrease wanted levelYou want freedomNone
Increase horse bondingMy kingdom is a horseNone
Increase horse whistle rangeBetter than my dogNone
Create a buggyKeep your dreams lightNone
Create a circus wagonWould you be happier as a clown?Purchase the Blackwater Ledger No. 73 newspaper in West Elizabeth during Epilogue Part 2.
Create a race horseRun! Run! Run!None
Create a random horseYou want something newNone
Create a superior horseYou want more than you haveNone
Create a wagonKeep your dreams simpleNone
Create a war horseYou are a beast built for warPurchase the Blackwater Ledger No. 72 newspaper in West Elizabeth during Epilogue Part 1.
Set Deadeye Level 2Make me betterNone
Set Deadeye Level 3I shall be betterNone
Set Deadeye Level 5I seek and I findNone
Become drunkA fool on commandNone
Gunslinger Weapons (Off-hand holster, Double-Action revolver, Schofield Revolver, and Double-Barreled Shotgun)History is written by foolsNone
Reveal mapFog of WarPurchase the "Blackwater Ledger No. 66" newspaper in Chapter 3.
Learn all recipesEat of KnowledgeNone
Eliminate current wanted status and bounties in towns across the world.You want everyone to go awayNone

How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2
Fast travel is a handy way to get around Red Dead Redemption 2's large world, and there are multiple ways to do it:
  • After unlocking the ledger in Chapter 2, invest in the First Things First and Next In Line camp upgrades to unlock a one-way fast travel map behind Arthur's tent.
  • Take a train or a stagecoach to travel between towns.
  • Set a marker on the map, then enable cinematic mode and have your horse run in the direction of the marked spot. Release the run button to set your horse to autopilot.
Note: Automatic horse travel does not work during quests or while riding with another character. is the leading source of practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Happiness, Productivity, Relationships, and more.


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