The Best Classic DOOM Cheat Codes for PC

The original DOOM for PC revolutionized the first-person shooter genre along with similar titles like Rise of the Triad and Wolfenstein 3D. In addition to cheat codes, DOOM and DOOM II have bonus stages that can only be unlocked by finding the secret exits in certain levels.

Note: These cheats apply exclusively to the original DOOM and DOOM II for PC.

DOOM Cheat Codes
Type any of the codes below during gameplay to activate cheats:

EffectCheat Code
All Keys And WeaponsIDKFA
All Weapons And 200% ArmorIDFA
Display LocationIDMYPOS
God Mode (Invincibility)IDDQD
Light Amplification GogglesIDBEHOLDL
No Clipping (Walk Through Objects)IDCLIP
Change Music (Episode #, Level #)IDMUS##
Radiation SuitIDBEHOLDR
Temporary InvisibilityIDBEHOLDI
Temporary InvulnerabilityIDBEHOLDV
Level Warp (Episode #, Level #)IDCLEV##
Display Entire Map and EnemiesIDDT

Tip: The Display Map code must be entered while looking at the map. Enter the code once to reveal the entire map, then enter it again to show all enemies.

DOOM Secret Levels
Locate the secret exits in certain levels to unlock extra stages:

Secret LevelHow to Unlock
E1M9, Military BaseFind the secret exit in E1M3, Toxin Refinery (across the slime pit near the entrance).
E2M9, Fortress of MysteryFind the secret exit in E2M5, Command Center (walk through the red panel wall and follow the teleporters).
E3M9, WarrensFind the secret exit in E3M6, Mt. Erebus (flip the switch inside the blue box in the water).
E4M9, FearFind the secret exit in E4M2, Perfect Hatred (just north of the Cyberdemon).

DOOM II Cheat Codes
All of the cheat codes for DOOM work with DOOM II. There are also two secret levels in DOOM II that can be accessed with cheat codes:

UnlockableCheat Code
Secret level #1IDCLEV31
Secret level # 2IDCLEV32 is the leading source of practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Happiness, Productivity, Relationships, and more.


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