Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

Released at the same time as Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot takes the fight against Nazis into new territory—virtual reality. Although Cyberpilot can be completed in about an hour, it has a lot of replayability due to the many collectibles, achievements, and difficulty levels it offers. Check out our guide.

Note: These cheats apply to the PlayStation VR and PC versions of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot.

Acclimate to Your Surroundings
You begin the game in an abandoned Nazi bunker that serves as your base between missions. Take time to explore your surroundings and get used to the VR controls. Use the lever on your chair to visit different floors.

Mechs in Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot
You're required to use all three mechs to progress through the story, so take your time getting comfortable with the controls for each one in the training area.

The Panzerhund was made for close-range combat. Both the dash ability and the flamethrower are capable of taking out several small enemies at once. Press the panic button on the left side to unleash the devastating Shockwave attack.

The Drone is designed for stealthy navigation in tight quarters. Since it has limited offensive capabilities, stay as high up as possible, and observe the Nazi patrollers. Memorize their patterns so you can maneuver undetected.

The Zitadelle packs massive firepower, but if it overheats, you're momentarily defenseless. Keep a close eye on the cooldown meter, and restore your health between every skirmish.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Difficulty Levels
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot's difficulty setting determines how much damage you can take and dish out. Achievements carry over between playthroughs, so it's possible to obtain most of them in Normal mode. In Hard and Challenge modes, it's best to focus on survival. You unlock a different achievement for beating the game on each difficulty setting.

Tip: Take a 15-minute break for every hour of VR gameplay.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Achievement Walkthrough
You unlock some achievements automatically as you play through the main story, but the majority of them are missable. Some can only be unlocked in specific areas of the game, so study up on their requirements before each mission. The prize for earning every achievement is the Platinum trophy.

Tip: Each time you earn an achievement, a new doll appears in your hub. Unlock every achievement to collect all of the dolls.

AchievementDescriptionHow to Unlock It
HeadbuttUse the Ram ability to kill five Nazis at once.After the Supersoldat jumps in front of you during the first mission, look for six enemies beyond the fence just ahead of you. Wait for them to gather near the doorway and start firing at you. Keep healing until you can get close enough to ram them all at once.
UnethicalDestroy an enemy Panzerhund using the Shockwave ability.When you encounter an enemy Panzerhund in the first mission, get close to it and alternate between healing and pressing the panic button. You can survive the incoming fire for long enough to bring it down with your Shockwave ability.
Destruction DerbyLaunch an exploding car into a Zitadelle.When you arrive on the other side of the underground tunnel in the first mission, quickly kill the four enemies in front of you before the enemy Zitadelle ahead starts firing. Stand behind the pillar in the middle of the area to block the incoming missiles. When you get a chance, ram one of the nearby cars to send it flying in the direction of the Zitadelle to take it out in one hit.
Out of GasComplete the Panzerhund mission without using the flamethrower.All you have to do is finish the Panzerhund mission without the flamethrower, which isn't very difficult in Normal mode. While surrounded, alternate between healing and using the Shockwave. If you use the flamethrower by accident, reload from the last checkpoint to reset your progress; you don't have to restart the mission.
Responsible CitizenThrow something into the wastepaper basket.After the first mission, go to the second floor of the bunker and look down to see a wastebasket on the floor. Pick up any item on the desk and throw it in the wastebasket. Even if it doesn't land inside, you unlock the achievement as long as it's close enough.
DisintegrationDisintegrate 15 Nazis in the Drone mission.Use your zapper to fry 15 of the 20 or so Nazis throughout the level. You must be patient and memorize the trajectories of each enemy, which makes earning other achievements easier.
UnafraidComplete the Drone mission without using the cloaking device.To make it through the Drone mission without the cloak, use the zapper to take down enemies from behind. Since you have to take your time, it makes sense to go after this achievement and the Disintegration achievement in the same run.
GhostInfiltrate Brother III without being detected.To sneak into Brother III undetected during the second mission, use the cloak ability and run through the level as fast as you can. In the last section, zap the four enemy Drones while cloaked so you can pass by without getting spotted.
Double WhammyDestroy two core regulators at the same time.In the final area of the third mission, simultaneously take out the two pillars in the middle by launching a rocket at one and then immediately shooting the other.
DeadeyeDestroy all Zeppelins in the Zitadelle mission.Keep your eyes on the sky during the Zitadelle mission and look for the six Zeppelins you must shoot down. They usually appear at the start of new areas. The final one is in the section with the regulators.
GuillotineBehead the Hitler statue.At the beginning of the third mission, launch a rocket at the statue to blow its head off.
Barbecue PartyKill 10 Nazis in five seconds or less using the Zitadelle.This is arguably the hardest achievement to obtain. After the first section in the third mission, you encounter a Zertstorer followed by six enemies. When the Zertstorer approaches, walk back and to the left so that you can shoot it without hitting the soldiers. When it's destroyed, immediately hold up the shield and start healing, then move toward the enemies to force them to group up. Launch a rocket to kill all six of them at once, then move full speed ahead. Shoot a couple of rockets inside the open doorway on your left to kill two enemies, then look to your right for a round cylinder. Shoot rockets between the cylinder and the building to kill a few enemies, then continue forward and shoot the enemies behind the metal door to your left. You have to do all of this incredibly fast, so you might have to restart from the checkpoint a few times before you get the timing right.
ProtectorDefend the cockpit against Nazi invaders.While piloting the Drone for the second time during the last mission, look for four enemies shooting at the cockpit. Take out each one with your electrical attack to unlock the achievement.

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